By Charley Parker on 13/10/2017

Why It's Important To Clean Gutter Regularly


It's so important to keep gutters clean and free from debris, in fact, it's in your best interest to do so as this prevents a lot of damage to your home and even costly repairs if anything were to go wrong. It's understandable how someone can easily let gutter cleaning slip down the list of things to do as not only is it something you wouldn't do on a daily basis but also it can be slightly dangerous and difficult to carry out. Therefore before you know it, your gutters have clogged up without you even being aware. So it's super important that they are monitored and checked regularly.


Why Do Gutters Need A Regular Clean?


As we all know Britain's weather is not the best and consists of a lot of rain... combine this with the prolonged autumn- were our native trees drop their leaves joining with a blustery wind, simply means everyone's gutters are prone to blockages. These gutter blockages can cause extreme structural damage both internally and externally and therefore will result in unnecessary, expensive repairs. A one-off clean is great, however, unless you have a professional doing the job it's likely that it will be incomplete at it's best. Moreover, you're highly likely to forget about it until it starts to cause you a lot of problems that could have been avoided.


Why Use Professional Gutter Cleaners?


For the most part of you, it’s unlikely that you will either have the right tools or the right skills for a gutter-cleaning task. It may be easy to think that it's a simple case of climbing a ladder and emptying the debris into a black bin bag, however, this is where the first problem lies. If you happen to have a ladder that extends to the gutter height, although you may think this is the start of the solution, this is a very dangerous position to be in. Additionally, you may not know but it becomes all too easy to put undue weight on the gutter in the process that could potentially cause more damage. Furthermore, the type of wrong equipment used to remove the debris can also cause further damage. For example, using a metal scraper in a plastic pipe, or by accidentally lodging the blockage further into the pipe.


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