By Charley Parker on 27/10/2017

There are a variety of ways to disregard drain odours. Many people find that a recipe of methods works best, so choose the one that’s most convenient for you to start, then try another approach if the smell persists.

Flush the drain: Often, stray hairs and other debris get stuck in soap scum that’s lining the pipe and create smells. Treat that quickly by pouring a couple of quarts of boiling water down the drain. Wait five minutes, then follow with cold water to congeal any remaining grease. Finally, repeat the boiling water flush to remove that last bit of congealed material.

Deodorize with vinegar: Boil four cups of white vinegar. Pour two down the drain, rinse with cold water, follow with the rest of the hot vinegar. This technique usually powers through any small clogs in the drain, which are often the source of the smell.

Scour the drain and pipes: Run hot water down the drain. Turn the water off. Tip a cup of baking soda down the drain. Pour two cups of hot vinegar down the drain. (Watch out, it’ll fizzle.) Wait half an hour then flush the drain with hot, if not boiling, water.

Professional help: Sometimes, a nauseating smell within your drain simply cannot be flushed out with boiling water, white vinegar or baking soda. An odour that is difficult to remove can often be an indication of deeper problems within your drains that may require professional help to eliminate.

Using any of the above methods every week or two will keep your drain from developing a nasty residue that can lead to small clogs. If you have any questions or concerns or indeed are encountering any issues, then why not contact us for some help and advice on 01865389804 or 08000154767 or visit our website for further information on all the services we provide.


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