By Charley Parker on 01/12/2017

Here at Drain Doctor Oxford we urge everyone to make sure their festive celebrations does not become a pain in the drain this Christmas. This is easily attained by avoiding pouring fats and greases down the sinks, toilets and in some cases directly in the drain. Restaurants and Pubs will suffer the greatest this festive period, not only will the public services cause an issue with the significant extent of people using the facilities but also in the busy, cooking kitchens. Therefore, we highly recommend having one of our specialised, qualified and professional technicians out to thoroughly clean the drains to prevent any inconvenience, wasted time and needless money over Christmas. This also goes for households, as the same thing can happen for anyone. Drains never wait for a convenient time to cause you a problem. The main purpose of preventative drain cleaning is to clean and clear all loose debris such as, grease, fats, silt and soil debris. We follow the cleaning process with a look-see CCTV survey just to be sure all is clear and that there are no other hidden defects that may cause a problem. Consequently without regular cleaning, the drains can get filthy that can cause very bad smells and over time resulting in blockages which is a matter no one wants to deal with at anytime, but especially over the festive period. If you have any questions or concerns or indeed are encountering any such issues, then why not contact us for some help and advice on 01865389804 or 08000154767 or visit our website: for further information on all the services we provide.


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