By Charley Parker on 15/12/2017

As Game of Thrones will tell you, winter is coming, and therefore this is the time to take the necessary steps to protect your household from the effects of the cold season. When the temperature drops and the days darken, the last thing you want to be dealing with is a blocked drain or frozen pipes. During the winter months, it’s important to look after your drains, as they are more likely to encounter problems due to the cold weather and increased use. Here at Drain Doctor Oxford, we have harvested some of our best tips for looking after your drains during the festive period.


  • Inspect all pipes, especially those leading directly into the home: These pipes are more prone to freezing because they are more exposed to the elements, putting them at greater risk from snow, frost and extremely cold weather.
  • Make sure that all outside drains are clean: The best way to improve the efficiency of your drain pipes is by cleaning them on a regular basis. Outdoor drains are more likely to block in the winter months, therefore we recommend keeping them free of debris such as leaves and twigs, as you are less likely to have any difficulties if they are kept clear.
  • Check there are no cracks or gaps around the pipes that enter your home: If you do find cracks or gaps, it is necessary to fill these in with sufficient insulation to stop the cold from getting in. Draughts from these gaps can not only cause problems for your pipes, but will also raise your heating bill. Don’t forget to keep draughts from coming in through doors and windows by fitting them with draught excluders. The warmer you make the house the less chance of your pipes freezing.
  • Get any dripping taps or valves fixed in the house: Dripping taps dispense water slowly which might cause it to freeze even before it makes it way through the tap and into your sink. This is why it is important to check your taps and valves regularly and repair them immediately once you discover them.
  • Get your drains inspected: Finally, in order to make sure your drains are going to survive the winter, you could have your drains inspected by an expert, just to be safe.


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