By Charley Parker on 19/02/2018

The first question most people ask is ‘do I need to replace my drains if they are constantly getting blocked?’. Here at Drain Doctor Oxford, we like to ensure all our customers receive the best possible solution to resolve the issue. Most of the time, there is no need to dig up and replace your drains, even if they are getting blocked regularly. However, if the drainage system is constantly getting blocked, it would suggest there are some major defects within the pipework. Damage to drains and pipework isn’t always obvious or easy to detect, but a technique called ‘relining’ essentially creates a pipe within a pipe, meaning drains can be repaired without the need to dig or cause unnecessary disruption. The process will begin by a thorough CCTV survey being carried out by one of our highly experienced technicians, this will help to determine the location and extent of any damage that has already occurred. The pipes will then be flushed out using a high-pressure powered water jet, which will help to clean/clear out the internal walls of the drains before the lining is attached. Installation of the lining can then begin. Relining is the most efficient, cost effective way to repair any broken drains as apposed to digging the entire system up and replacing with a new one. Furthermore it is a way to add a protective layer to the inside, which forms a coating to protect against cracks and other damage. The biggest benefit of drain relining when compared to drain replacement is it’s trenchless technology making it last for 40+ years, moreover this method is certainly less destructive and of course more cost effective.

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