By Charley Parker on 01/06/2018


Here at Drain Doctor Oxford, it is important to make sure all our customers understand the works we carry out on their drainage system when we come across defects and structural issues. This is to ensure they have all the knowledge available to know exactly what remedial repair works will be carried out. One method we utilise at Drain Doctor is CIPP Lining (cure in place pipe lining). CIPP Lining is one of several pipe rehabilitation methods, which uses no-dig technology. It is an approved method and preferred method to rehabilitating cracked & broken storm & foul sewer pipes. Below are some of the key advantages, which will also give you an understanding of how the process works.

Key Advantages:

  1. No damage caused to floors, structures, driveways, patios, landscaping, or lawns.
  2. 100% trenchless technology used
  3. Restores flow efficiency
  4. 100% waterproof
  5. Elimination of root intrusion
  6. Option to only line damaged area instead of entire piping system (point to point localised repairs)
  7. Significant cost savings
  8. Protects the environment
  9. Saves you time
  10. Provides more durability (can last over 50+ years)

If you have any questions, concerns or indeed are encountering any issues, then why not contact us for some help and advice on 01865389804 or 08000154767 or visit our website for further information on all the services we provide.


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