By Charley Parker on 10/07/2018

World Cup Facts

  • The World Cup in 2018 will mark the first time Russia has ever hosted this event.
  • 3.2 billion people tuned in to watch the 2014 World Cup.
  • It is rumoured that India withdrew from the 1950 tournament as they were not allowed to play barefoot.
  • The World Cup trophy went missing for 7 days in 1966, when it was stolen just prior to the tournament.
  • The average attendance per game at the 2014 Wolrd Cup was over 53,000 fans.
  • The highest scoring game in World Cup history was in 1954, when Austria defeated Switzerland 7-5.
  • The most goals ever scored by one player in a World Cup match is an impressive five, by Oleg Salenko of Russia.
  • Over 750,000 litres of beer were sold in stadiums during the 2010 South Africa World Cup. That’s equivalent to 25,360,517 ounces or 3,170,64 beers.

On behalf of everyone at Drain Doctor Oxford, enjoy the World Cup!


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