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The strangest things found in drains and sewers around the world.

During our time as plumbing and drainage experts conducting CCTV Surveys in and around Oxfordshire, we have seen a fair share of weird and unexplainable objects lodged inside drains and sewers. Thankfully, unlike other poor plumbers from around the world, we haven’t had to deal with seeing many of these animals when conducting a CCTV Survey.


When you think of sewer-dwelling animals, you probably think of rats, so it is no surprise that these are on the list of weird things found down the sewers. For rats, drains and sewers are perfect places to live due to the abundance of washed away food and fat building up. They have an unlimited supply of shelter, food, and water.


In 2012, a team of engineers were conducting a routine cleanse and CCTV Survey on a series of pipes when they spotted a ferret inside the pipe. No one knew how it got there, however, the owner of the local pub claimed the ferret was his and was working as a pest controller. Three guesses what animal this ferret might have been chasing to end up inside the drains.


A problem you’re more likely to encounter in Australia perhaps, but it has been known to find a snake living in your own household drains, even making their way into your toilet bowl. Although very ‘Harry Potter-esque’ this is not a fantasy. If a sewer has an abundance of rats, then it’s very likely to have a snake too. Don’t worry though, you’re very unlikely to find a snake in your toilet bowl... it almost never happens...


Probably the most famous urban myth surrounding sewers is a colossal alligator living in the sewers right below your feet. It has probably lived for decades and feeds off rats and food scraps. We can’t guarantee there isn’t an alligator living in the sewers in the UK, but we highly doubt it. Over in America though, it has been known to happen. The urban myth was started in New York in the 1930s, but some ‘gators were found in Florida sewers very recently.


Curiosity killed the cat, so they say. But sometimes curiosity gets you stuck down a drain or in a sewer. Thankfully we haven’t had to deal with any felines blocking any pipes we’re conducting a CCTV Survey on. Can you imagine their eyes staring back at you as you navigate the dark pipes via a small screen?


We scarcely believe it either, but yes, cows have been found down drains and sewers. How they ever end up down there is anyone’s guess, but the effort to get them out is often a huge community project! In China, a cow went missing for two days, as the farmers were about to give up looking they heard a ‘mooing’ coming from the bottom of a drain. Thankfully the farmers and the local village managed to pull the cow to safety.



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