By on 15/03/2019

We recently completed an installation of a storm water drain system. The customer had experienced a blockage caused by a root ingress. The new pipework needed to be installed across the lawn, so our expert technicians were careful not to cause too much damage to the garden. They ensured that after the job was completed they did everything they could to put the garden back to its original state. 

Step 1: 

Firstly we identified the best path for the new pipework and cut a line through the lawn. This helped us stay on course and not disrupt the rest of the garden too much. 

Step 2: 

Next, we dug out over the line set out, ensuring it was deep enough to submerge the pipework below the grass line. We then inserted the pipework, connecting it all up to the rest of the drainage system. 

Step 3: 

This is the old drainage system, which had a root ingress. We removed the problem and started working on the new system. 

Step 4: 

Here is the solution. The gutter disposes water into the drain, which is collected and transported across the garden via the pipework installed earlier. A very efficient way of removing stormwater from the property. 

Step 5: 

As part of our clean up process, we try to ensure that the garden is left in the best condition possible. Having dug up the lawn, it is impossible to get it back exactly the same, but in a couple of months the grass will grow over and you would never assume there was a storm drain system underneath. 

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